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YayDay digestive daily supplement with ceramic cup and spoon

Meet your digestive super supplement.

Prebiotic Fiber

Our prebiotics increase healthy gut microflora and add fiber, making your morning movements go like clockwork.*

Digestive enzymes

500 mg of digestive enzymes are in every scoop - making your morning mission a breeze.


The magnesium in Yayday supports healthy stress hormones in the brain, for wellbeing, good sleep and calm mornings.*

Your best days start the night before.


Mix yourself a spoonful of delicious Sunset Citrus flavored YayDay with cool water and enjoy before you go to bed.


While you get your zzzz’s, YayDay goes to work. Prebiotic fiber and digestive enzymes aid gentle digestion overnight.


Wake up refreshed after a good night's sleep and enjoy the wonders of a great morning poo.


Embrace the post-poo feeling! Now you’re ready to start your day.

“There is a direct 
link between your gut health and mental health.”

Learn more about our ingredients and how they are tied to gut health from our co-founder and board-certified gastroenterologist, Dr Roshini Raj.

YayDay Cofounder Dr. Roshini Raj M.D.
Dr. Roshini Raj gastroenterologist and cofounder of YayDay


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